Track and Time is an NPO that has been organizing Time Attack events on the most beautiful circuits in Quebec and Eastern Ontario for over 10 years! The club is autonomous and all sports allegiances are welcome!

What is Time Attack? It’s simple, the goal is to have the fastest lap time! As we do not all have the same type of car, our class calculator takes into account the power / weight ratio, as well as the various modifications on your vehicle. So no matter what kind of car you have you’ll be able to compete with it, whether you have an Echo or a 911?

Who can participate in our events? You! It is enough to have a good control of your car, a control which can be acquired during the various lapping events or recognized driving schools. Then contact us and we will be able to guide you with pleasure!

Basically, our sessions take place like lapping with point-by at all times for overtaking. Safety is KEY to us and will remain so. A lot of track time is offered with 7 sessions per day. A practice in the morning, and then 3 “events” or (1 event therefore gives you 2 sessions to record your best time). In order to provide quality track time, the maximum number of participants per session is limited.

NEW FOR 2021: for newbies, novices or those less in a hurry, we will offer the session without pressure! A session, which as the name suggests, will have no performance pressure, although all participants will be equipped with a transponder, this session will accommodate everyone who is interested in motorsport.

Do you have to be super fast to participate? Not at all, although that is the ultimate goal and we have some very talented drivers. The majority are normal human beings with normal times! Our days offer quality track time regardless of your speed. Coming back with your head full of unforgettable memories and looking forward to the next event is the goal!

You don’t need to have a car with a lot of modifications. In fact, our class calculator penalizes modifications in an attempt to keep the series affordable. That’s why you often see Miatas, Civics and Minis with original equipment winning races, even championships …

One of the best opportunities to improve your driving: the experienced drivers of the series are always there and happy to help the new (even the not so new) go faster! We are a beautiful big family!

If you have a Miata or a FRS / BRZ you also have the chance to participate, in addition, in the #MiataCupChallenge or #86cupquebec championship, with their own classes, super interesting one-design series! The costs? Basically we try to keep the same prices as the lapping groups on top of adding security elements such as an ambulance and professional signalers. If you’re already lapping and fancy a little more competition in a relaxed atmosphere, come ride with us. You will meet a lot of exciting people, these same people will be the first to help you in the event of a breakage, advise you on preparation, for the purchase of new tires, brakes, etc.